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Sage Studios

Sage Studio Incense Holder

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Sage Studios, located in Sydney, creates handmade home decor pieces from Jesmonite, a strong, durable, eco-friendly material.

Daily Mantras For You !

Information on Holders.


Made from Jesmonite.

Incense holders are coated with an acrylic sealer, increasing product durability and finish.


Our Incense Holders have been specially designed to fit This Is Incense sticks.

Gentle Habits are Safe Habits

Clean with water, gentle soap or a soft wet cloth. We strongly recommend wiping off strong containments as soon as possible to avoid staining.
Please avoid using harsh cleaning products and excessive scrubbing as it will damage the surface of the product.

Sage Studios items are handmade. Please allow for small imperfections and irregularities. Minor variations in colour are natural and unique characteristics.

Have any Questions ? Get in touch with us !

For all customer services enquires, please email This Is Incense.