• AM Ritual 0.1

    Feel present and grounded. Pour yourself a coffee, put on some tunes + light Noosa for a fresh start to your day.

    Arise with Noosa 
  • PM Ritual 0.2

    Unwind and soothe. Shower + change into your home uniform - throw on some music and burn Yamba to disconnect from your day.

    Unwind with Yamba 
  • Weekend Ritual 0.3

    A positive outcome. Find your favourite online yoga session, settle in and burn Byron for a mindful start of your weekend.

    Connect with Byron 
Bondi Beach Incense by This is Incense. Picture has daisies and orange background

Bondi Beach.

Bondi is delicate and unexpected. 

Light up and relax, with top notes of Grapefruit, middle notes of sweet Cardamom and grounded with Cedarwood.

Bondi, originally "Boondi" is an Aboriginal word for surf - Meaning, "noise made by sea waves breaking on the beach".

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Noosa Incense by This is Incense. Picture has orange box


Remember those summer holidays and shady sunset skies, with the bluest of waters of a paradise to call home?

That’s Noothera land. A land of relaxation that sings of citrus with hidden earthy tones.

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Yamba Incense by This is Incense. Picture has protea and concrete background. Box is olive green


Looking out through the headland, surrounded by ocean. 

A land, burried in relaxing cedarwood with a salty air of smoky sweet mystery - This is Yamba.

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Margaret River Incense (blue box), Byron Bay (peach box) & Bells Beach (light brown box) by This is Incense.

Bells. Margies. Byron.

There is no escaping the need for our famous original scents. Still on high rotation around the office + home, Bells, Margies & Byron are here to stay.

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Gentle Habits, Positive Outcomes™

We have been connenting you with Gentle Habits™ on our socials for some time - here is a sneak peek of what we have been working on and where we are headed...

Welcome to Gentle Habits™.

coming soon

We have sourced Australian blended essential oils inspired from our salty coastlines of Bells Beach, Margaret River and Byron Bay and beyond. Through these scents, we want you to evoke memories from these special places.

Take it slow.

This is Incense is brought to you by Gentle Habits + is proudly Australian owned and hand dipped in Victoria.